Who? What? Why?

Hello, my name is Alex, and welcome to my little corner of the web!

That sounds about right, if a little on the corny side. This blog is my attempt at permanent Internet presence outside of Counter-Factual.Net forums, and will be dedicated to my writing, with occasional forays into all sorts of topics I find relevant, curious, quirky or amusing.

So, about that writing thing…

Getting on the wrong side of 30 made me evaluate just what I wanted to do with my life. Don’t get me wrong – I have a successful career, a great family, and no real reason to complain. That said, I’ve always fancied myself a creative individual, and while my teenage dreams of “making it” as a musician had slowly transformed into something decidedly more part-time, my writing aspirations gained a new and unexpected boost.

You see, I have always enjoyed writing, and have amassed a number of novel-length works written over the last few years. While at first I had treated it as an amusing hobby, one thing became very clear with time – I would really like to give it a shot as a professional author.

What it ultimately boils down to is this: I have stories to tell, and would love to share them with the world. And if I can turn doing what I love into a writing career, then my goal will be accomplished!

With those lofty aspirations in mind, I had found myself with five finished original universe novels and a hodge-podge of short stories written over the years. Two of the novels are science fiction of space opera variety; one is supernatural horror; one is an existential dark time travel novel; and one is a post-apocalyptic tale of mad science, immortal assassins, messiahs, debauched former Emperors and Gnosticism. Two of the novels are written as first (and largely self-contained) entries in their respective series, while the other three are completely stand-alone (although one of those can be turned into series if desired); the novels range from as little as 63,000 words to around 120,000 words in length, and introduce a wide variety of characters, worlds and concepts.

So there. The initial set of offerings, submitted to publishers and literary agents for the first time, with care to avoid simultaneous submissions. First steps on a journey that will hopefully lead to professional publication and writing career. And while I don’t expect to consider quitting my day job any time soon, it does not hurt to aim high. After all, every successful novelist was once a no-name shmuck like yours truly, sitting tight and dreaming big.

Still with me? Good. Stick around, and you will see the entire journey unfold, from here to… well, wherever it will go!

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