Progress Report and Social Media

It is Friday, and it is progress report time! Well, I think I am going to make it a regularly scheduled progress report update.

As of this writing, four of my novels are under consideration at different prospective publishers. I have had a few rejection letters, including one with some feedback which will be helpful. One more novel is in the process of being edited to address some of the criticism, and will be submitted to a prospective publisher as soon as the edits are complete.

The plotting for my next project is still moving along, albeit at a slower pace than I would have liked. This is simply a function of available time, which has been scarce at best. At the completion of my current endeavors, I expect to be dedicating significant time to writing every day, which should help to move that project along. At that point, hopefully in a not-too-distant future, expect a few snippets, maybe a short scene or two to give a feel for what I am trying to accomplish.

In other news, I am seriously considering looking into short story and flash fiction markets as a way to get some publishing credits. I have always found short stories to be harder to conceptualize than longer pieces, and consequently have not written very many, but I feel rather strongly about some of them, and believe they are publishable. At worst, nothing will happen. At best, I may earn a few publishing credits along the way, adding something to my writing resume.

It does imply researching an entirely different market, which is both exciting and even little intimidating. Where novels are generally published as stand-alone products, short stories are usually included in anthologies or magazines. While in some cases the same organizations may publish both novel-length works and short stories, often it will not be the case.

With this in mind, I am seriously thinking about creating a separate Facebook page for my writing endeavors. It should allow me to post a series of frequent, quick updates and thoughts while reserving lengthier rants to the pages of this blog. The only thing stopping me from it at the moment is the lack of publishing credits – I am not sure if a writer Facebook page is very appropriate for someone who does not have any material published yet.

Similarly, I am beginning to think about crossing over to the dark side and finally joining Twitter. In all honesty, I am having a hard time understanding the attraction of Twitter, but it seems I am in the minority here, as everyone and their pet appear to have Twitter accounts these days. So perhaps both author Twitter and Facebook accounts are in order, sooner or later. I wonder what the other writers in similar situations (and even those who are further along in their literary careers) may think about extending the social media reach. Should it be done now, should it be done upon first literary sales, or not at all?

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  1. Pkmatrix

     /  May 4, 2012

    I’d say definitely do it now. Linking your twitter and facebook accounts seems to be a decent way to communicate quickly with followers in both communities. I didn’t think much of twitter either, but after joining I find it much quicker and easier to use than facebook.


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