Writer’s Block: The Song

WRITER’S BLOCK (to the tune of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman”)
With apologies to good taste, Metallica, and anyone genuinely talented in writing parody song lyrics.

You sit down and start to type
Nothing’s coming out right
As you stare at the screen

Screen is blank like the mind
No ideas to find
Can’t come up with a thing

Cursing against the keyboard
Sweating out every word

Writer’s block
What a load of crock
Nothing’s done
Half a day already gone

Look – a video game!
TV show, what a shame
And you procrastinate

Funny things on YouTube
Checking Facebook– not good
And it’s already late

Writing time is over
And you got nothing done

Writer’s block
You really suck
Wasted time
Cannot write another line

Hush little writer at your keyboard
No matter if you’re tired or bored
Your masterpiece won’t write itself
Writer’s block, go to hell!

Writer’s block
You really suck
No more excuses
Writer’s block
What the fuck?
Pictures of cats
Couldn’t get very much done yet

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