Another dilemma

Here is a head-scratcher of a situation. Suppose an author has a novel currently under consideration at a publisher. It has been some time since initial submission, but it is still within reasonable timeframe of review. Suddenly, a different publisher provides feedback making it apparent that this novel might be a good fit if submitted, as it is similar in writing style to another novel submitted to that publisher, but addresses the criticism provided therein.

Remember, nothing is guaranteed, and the publisher made no promises of any kind. This (somewhat) hypothetical author is acting purely from his own perception of the situation.

If an author makes it a point to avoid simultaneous submissions, would it make sense to either withdraw the novel from consideration elsewhere, or to send a follow-up query to the publisher currently evaluating it?

Today’s Music (Video) / Band Update / Kickstarter

For once, today’s post will have very little to do with writing. As some of you might know, I play in a heavy metal band called Midgard. One of our friends was kind enough to make a video recording of one of our songs from our most recent show. Just in case some of you good people find it interesting, here is the link to our performance of “Until the Sirens Call”:

Yes, the sound quality is not the best, but it should give a decent idea of what the band is about. For those not in the know, I am the singer/guitarist – the only short-haired guy in the band.

As a side note, we (Midgard) are trying to raise funds for album recording via Kickstarter. This time around, we are recording the drums in a studio, and doing everything else ourselves. So if you find it in your heart to support this upcoming release (and to get a variety of goodies in return), please visit our Kickstarter page below, and contribute if you can:

Did I mention that the video on our Kickstarter page contains demo samples of two more new songs?

Now that the music-related interruption is over, it will be back to writing (or vaguely related matters) for the next update. On the horizon: concept albums, stories behind them, and interplay between literature and music.