For your listening (dis)pleasure…

It looks like the promised blog post on concept albums will have to wait a little. Preparations for my band’s new album are proceeding apace, and the rate of activity in the next month will be rather hectic, at least if we want to sound good when we enter studio in month’s time.

On the writing front, things are progressing nicely. While I did not add much to my last project, the endeavors to get professionally published are continuing, and my goal of having at least something under consideration at any point in time is still being met. The dilemma referred to in the last post was resolved (the publisher considering the novel at the time was not interested to pursue it further, and notified me not long after the dilemma was identified), and this time around I am keeping my fingers crossed – here is to hoping the novel in question is what the other publisher was looking for!

On that note, here are some YouTube links for your listening pleasure (or displeasure – I leave the exact definition to you). The videos were taken at a Midgard show on July 21st at the Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and include two old songs and two new tracks.


Until the Sirens Call (new song):

As the Phoenix Falls (new song):


Enjoy! And if you like what you hear, or want to help in any way, why not stop over at our Kickstarter page and pledge a donation to get a copy of the new album and other very cool bonuses:

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