Some exciting news

While professional publication of one of my novels or short stories might still be in the works (as in, I am working towards that lofty goal), here is something for those of you who:

A) might have a slight interest in my writing output

B) enjoy music (mostly of heavy metal variety)

I have joined the staff of Power Metal USA, a music review (and then some) site focusing on American bands in the power metal genre. My first two reviews for Judicator’s and Vacant Throne’s new releases are up on the site – check them out!


Power Metal USA

On a side note, I love music in all its aspects – listening to it, playing it, writing it, and, not in the least, writing about it. As my taste in music tends to be fairly broad, I tend to write reviews that may not always be suitable to any given review site focusing on more defined genres. So, after giving it some consideration, I have decided to post some of my reviews here on this blog.

Now, this will not turn it into a music review site, and I will only post those reviews which are not written to be exclusive to another site. That said, I am looking forward to an opportunity to share my thoughts on music releases both old and new, and to hopefully provide all of you fine folks with some amusement (and reading materials). Expect some more content very, very soon!

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