2013 and beyond

With 2013 winding down, it is time to assess the year from both literary and musical standpoints. While it perhaps did not see a lot of tangible activity, there were still things accomplished – a number of literary submissions, quite a few Midgard shows in support of our record “Satellite”, and quite a bit of writing of both music, lyrics, and prose. So all in all, it was a relatively productive year, even if it did not result in publication or in another record.

This will hopefully change in 2014.

I endeavor to finally complete the long-suffering solo record, and to hopefully record the next Midgard album by the end of 2014. Better yet, I come into the new year with the goal of making a concerned push towards being professionally published. And since the literary landscape is changing, I intend on trying something little different this time around.

It is no secret to most people who know me that I always had a fascination with the Warhammer 40,000 universe and its offshoots. This fascination included a “for-fun” alternate history writing project, based on a reimagined WH40K universe but with original characters and a heavily modified setting. While this project is not publishable, due to it falling under the umbrella of “fan-fiction”, it is still, in my opinion, a good example of my take on dark space opera genre.

As a result, I intend to put the project in question out there as a free promotional tool of sorts, both to put my writing out there, and to test the waters of public interest for prospective future Kindle publishing or similar. As fan-fiction, this project has no commercial value (not to mention copyright issues), but as an example of my writing, and as a good story in its own right – who knows, it might give exposure to my original works, and give my efforts to get published a swift kick in the posterior.

Wish me luck guys! Hopefully by late Spring, the project in question (a trio of novel-length works) will be out and about. Stay tuned, there will be more to come!

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