Midgard – “We are the Destroyer”, installment 5 – new album preview

Midgard - We are the Destroyer album cover

The new Midgard album is almost here! Today’s installment is the last before the album release, and sheds some light on the back story behind this record, and what you can expect from us this time around!

We are the Destroyer

Today’s post brings us to our latest release, “We are the Destroyer”. Writing this album was a unique experience for all of us, as for the first time Travis was fully involved in the songwriting process, and was the primary writer on two of the album’s tracks – “Storm Clouds Over Cydonia”, and “The Seed of Creation”. At the same time, we learned our lesson from “Satellite”, and decided that the recording and the mixing of this album should be done by a professional; as a result, the final recording quality is considerably better, and provides a good picture of what we are trying to do.

This album went through quite a few changes and false starts before we finally entered studio in February 2015. Although the first new song written for the new record (“Storm Clouds Over Cydonia”) was premiered live at some point in 2013 (we do not count “Victory or Death”, as it was a leftover track from “Satellite” sessions, and was performed live multiple times in the past), we spent much more time than usual on arranging the songs we had, and on selecting which tracks would go on the album. We tried to learn many different songs brought to the album sessions, but not all felt right, and not all felt like they fit well together. By late 2014, we made a decision that we would specifically focus on the album, so that we could go into the studio in 2015, and get it out hopefully by the middle of the year. Naturally, like all plans, it went awry quickly.

In the beginning of 2015, I received the news I was both hoping for and dreading at the same time. I received a job offer that was everything I could have professionally asked for – however, it was on the other side of the country. This pending relocation added a sense of urgency to our album process, pushing it forward by several months and forcing us to rethink our plan of approach.

Our original plan was to make “We are the Destroyer” a lengthy, drawn-out record with 10-12 tracks of original material. With less time, and with fewer songs ready to be recorded, we had to reevaluate the kind of an album we wanted to put out. As a result, we focused on the songs we had, and on a common theme between them, finding out that they presented a concise, cohesive whole with no filler, and a plenty of killer material.

The title track and “Black Out the Sun” rage forth, respectively setting the tone for the journey and providing a boost of aggression half-way through the album. The more complex, intricate weave of “Storm Clouds Over Cydonia” and “The Seed of Creation” balances out against our customary melodeath-meets-traditional-metal sound of “Kaleidoscopic”, or power metal-tinged “Victory or Death”. Different versions of “The Last Rose of August” existed as early as immediately after “Within the Darkness” era, but the song was not actually finished until the present, and incorporates what we have learned about songwriting this far. With “Sky Full of Ghosts” (the title of which owes much to an episode of “Cosmos” with Neil deGrasse Tyson), we tried to give the album a fitting closer, and to tie back the lyrical and the musical themes of “We are the Destroyer” – the nature of space and time, distant worlds, life, death, and humanity’s place in the wider cosmos.

“We are the Destroyer” is not a long album, but we think that it feels right with eight songs, and just under 34 minutes of material. It is a representation of where Midgard is now, and hopefully another step on the journey of where we are going to be as a band and as individuals. Every song has its place in the overall theme, and although it is not a true concept album, all eight tracks tie together. We worked hard on making this album happen, and on making it into the best album it could be. We only hope that you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it. Look forward to “We are the Destroyer” on iTunes, BandCamp, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify, and most other music stores and streaming services, coming your way on July 31st!

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