Vacation time! Which means…

…it is time to catch up on writing. At least 10,000 words is my minimum goal, and if I can go back to the “day job” with 20,000 or more words written, I will be one happy camper. More to come as this writing thing actually starts to happen!

Innovate magazine – now available in print

Innovate magazine – now available in print

That is right – the latest issue of Innovate magazine, featuring my short stories “The Great Bear” and “Exile”, is now available in print from Amazon:

UK listing:

CreateSpace listing:

You can also still get the electronic version at: (Kindle version) (Kobo version) (Smashwords, ePub format) (PDF version – will be e-mailed to you shortly after receipt of payment) (Barnes & Noble / Nook edition)

 Check it out!